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Where is the Entry form?
Entries can be made online here - https://www.unitedcaninesportsclub.com/cranbornechase

Or you can download a PDF to return by post from the Files Section of our Group - United Canine Sports Club


When do entries close ?

Entries close strictly on Monday 18th March


When can I arrive onsite?
Onsite arrivals are from 4pm on Friday 29th March for those wishing to stay overnight (£10 fee per night per vehicle/tent).  If you arrive early, there is a parking area just outside the gates of the Estate (not the entrance where you come in) but as you leave it before you turn into the race site. You can let dogs out here if necessary as there is a nice field for dog walking. Please bear in mind there are 2 gatehouses here so keep noise to a minimum.


Do i need insurance?
No. The UCSC provides insurance for all competitors at the event, there is no need to rely on other race insurance policies.

Will there be facilities?
There will be an excellent caterer providing rolls, snacks, drinks and freshly made Pizza's from early until around 5pm Saturday and until after the Presentation on Sunday. Portaloos will be onsite.

Can we walk the trail prior to the race?
Yes, competitors are welcome to walk or ride the trail outside of competition times. However NO dogs that are to be used in competition are permitted on the trail other than at their allotted race times.

Can we walk around the Estate?
This is a huge estate with a golf course, school and many residentes. Please stay withing the forest and camping area. 

Can I bring a BBQ?
Enclosed/Contained BBQ's are permitted within the camping field.

What is Nordic, Freight and Open?
Nordic class is for KC or \recognised Welfare Reg'd Siberian Huskies. Freight dogs (CED's, Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds) Open is for any other type of dog.

Can we stake our dogs out?
Yes. Please fill in all holes.

Are alaskan starts permitted?

Yes, controlled alaskans starts are permitted.

Will there be snubbers?

There will be a snub line available at the start line for anyone who wishes to use it, but there will be no official snubbers for any classes.  If you are not happy to remove the snub line yourself then we suggest you ask handler to release it for you.

Do I have to decide on the trail length now?

Please indicate the trail length you intend to run on your entry form, however it is no problem to change this on race day. Waggy Dog may choose the trail length after they leave the start chute.

Can my dog run in a muzzle?.
No, Dogs may not run with any type of muzzle on.

Can I use an E-Bike?
The use of E-Bikes are not allowed in competition

What is the minimum age for dogs in competition?
For all classes dogs need to be minimum 12 months by first day of racing and 9 months for Waggy Dog Class

Is it a 1 or 2 day race?
This is a 2 day race so final results will be combined time over 2 days. The same team must be used on both days, random checks will be made using microchip checks, video and photos.

Are neck Lines compulsory?
Neck lines must be used on lead dogs in all classes of 2 or more dogs. (This applies to all 2 dog classes where dogs are running side by side)


Are there other animals on the estate?

There are sheep grazing on other parts of the estate that we will not be using. There may also be deer within the forest.

Will there be rig and equipment checks?
There will be a voluntary gear check before the briefing for those wanting their kit looked over. We remind all competitors they are responsible for their own equipment and that it complies with rules. Please don't be shy if you aren't sure come and let one of the organisers know and we are happy to help

General requests for the weekend - 
No dogs on stakeouts past 10.30pm. Generators must be off by 11pm. 
Dogs must not be left on stakeouts unsupervised (ask a neighbour to watch your dogs if you need to pop away)

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