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The UCSC welcomes applications from anyone over age of 8 years who wants to participate in sled dog sports in the UK, regardless of the breed/type of dog/s they own, providing they are capable of working in harness.

Using our sponsorship scheme for those who are new to the sport or want some guidance on how to start, we can try and put you in touch with others in your local area.


Annual Subscriptions -

£10 - Individual Membership

£15 - Joint Membership for 2 people (living at the same address)

£25 - Family Membership for up to 4 people (living at the same address)

Benefits for Members include Public Liability insurance specifically designed for canine sports as detailed in our Constitution.


Membership runs from 1st October each year to 30th September, you can join at any time during the year for the above subscriptions. Applications received after 30th August will run through to 30th September for following year.


EXISTING MEMBERS - The UCSC Sponsorship scheme is as simple as ticking a box.


If you are willing to offer guidance and experience to new applicants, just tick the sponsors box on our renewal application form.


That way when we get new applications from people  in your area who are seeking support and some friendly advice on how to get started we can put them in touch with you. Then it’s just a case of meeting up and filling in a form.


We need you and they need someone to get involved and help them get out and start working their dog/s.

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