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UCSC - Holywell Challenge 2nd & 3rd Nov 2019


£30 x 2 Day 1st  Entry per person

£10 x 2 Day Extra Class/s Entry per person

£20 x 1 Day 1st Entry per person

£10 x 1 day Extra Class/s per person

£15 Junior Entry  1 or 2 days

Saturday PM Meal in the Marquee x £6.50*

Fresh Beer Battered Fish (or Veggie Stilton and Asparagus Pie) and Mushy peas or Curry sauce. *special pre-order price

Camping  @ £10.00 per unit, per night

Caravans x £15.00 per night

Non Member Fee £3.00 per person



By Cheque payable to United

Canine Sports Club

Vicky Aguilera

Half Acre, Back Street, East Stour, Dorset SP8 5JY

TEL – 07901607663

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer to :

SC - 08-92-99 ACC - 65697128 

United Canine Sports Club

or by PAYPAL to 


of Dog ID


I hereby acknowledge and agree to abide by the rules of this race and to responsible for the conduct of my helpers and my dogs.

I understand the requirement to wear helmets and acknowledge the recommendations on the use and wearing of safety equipment whilst competing.

I shall not hold the UCSC, Race Organisers or any affiliates liable for any injury or damage to my dogs, myself or persons I am responsible for, my equipment, or for loss or damage to my property.

In accepting my entrance into this race I understand this should not be construed as acceptance by the Race Organisers of any responsibility for establishing the fitness for purpose of any equipment I use in the race, or acceptance by them of any liabilities, howsoever arising resulting from any defect in or accident involving such equipment.

I agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Race Organisers against any and all such liabilities.

I have no health issues which affect my ability to take part at this event.

I declare the dogs entered are fit enough to race, have not contracted or knowingly been exposed to any infectious or contagious disease during the three weeks prior to the event & I will not compete with them if they incur such risks between now and the days of the event.

(In the event of the competitor being a junior entrant a parent or guardian should Tick Agree to the Form below on their behalf)

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